Tournament Management Portal   

Who Are We?

We are skeet shooters who are tired of keeping up with deposit checks that go to different people and clubs throughout the year. We are also computer guys that simply asked the question... "Is there a better way?"

What is this site focused on doing?

The initial focus is to allow a person to set a deposit on multiple tournaments around the country with a single credit card transaction.

You will also be able to register for the tournament that you placed a deposit on... You can select the handicaps, options, classes, etc... You then print out your registration and provide the paper along with your shoot record for class verification. We work with the shoot organizers to move the money from your credit card transaction to their account.

A third option is allowing you the shooter a place that you can track your scores, All-American points, class averages, and tournament financials without having to do the manual calculations or keep track of the averages paper from the NSSA.

When will it be live?

  1. Tracking your personal scores, class averages, All-American points, and financials are available today for individual shooters!
  2. Online tournament deposits and registration - April, 2013
  3. Online Real-time Scoreboards - April, 2016
  4. Mobile Application - June, 2016
  5. Moved to Microsoft Azure - June, 2017

What does it cost?

We like keeping this simple - we add $1.00 to each shooter's tournament registration regardless of the number of events they participate in. When the tournament manager closes down the shoot, we generate the myskeet invoice for you. There is no additional costs to individual NSSA members, but donations are gladly accepted!

I cannot find a tournament that I want to shoot in.

All of the NSSA tournaments from 2012 forward are active in the application. We receive a weekly update from the NSSA with the latest tournament and shooter information. If the tournament you are searching for does not appear, the tournament manager has not enabled it to receive online deposits and registration. Ask the tournament organizers to enable online registration for the shoot. The registration features are free to the tournament managers.